Sx82 – Rocker switch

SW_82Illuminated or not-illuminated;
Version with safety frame available;
Anti-spray hood in PVC available.


Rectangular case 30x22mm
Up to 20A ENEC capacity
Up to 50,000 electromechanical cycles
Ambient temperature up to 125° C
UL 94 V2 flammability
GWFI 850° C heat and fire resistance – GWIT 750° C upon request
Distance between contacts > 3 mm
Bipolar commutator
Bipolar push-button commutator
Unipolar commutator
Bipolar deviator
Unipolar deviator
Bipolar switch
Illuminated bipolar switch
Unipolar switch
Illuminated unipolar switch
Illuminated bipolar push-button
Normally off bipolar push-button
Normally on bipolar push-button
Normally on unipolar push-button