Plastic and Metallic Cable Glands

Molveno OEM Service for over 20 years is specialized in the manufacturing and distribution of plastic, metallic, stainless steel and Atex cable glands with the brand MOS.
Our extensive range includes glands with the pitch PG and metric, spiral cable glands, plastic caps, metal plugs and stainless steel caps.

The fields where that wide range of cable glands are used are: the electric motors, electrical equipment, electrical panels, industrial electric wiring and small appliances, lighting equipment and naval industry.

Cable glands – Standard series, Spiral cable glands, Flange lock nuts, Hexagonal metric blind stops, Round metric & PG blind stops, Metric plastic cable gland, Pg plastic cable gland,   Metallic Atex cable gland, Plastic Atex cable gland, Metric Stainless steel cable glands, Pg stainless steel cable gland, Metric Brass cable glands, Polyamide Cable Glands, Pressure Balance Elements, Plastic rigid conduit fitting, Metal liquidtight conduit fittings, Hygienic Glands, Ventilation glands, Ventilation plug, Snap in glands