Transformers and Ballasts

Technical characteristics

Nominal voltages:

input: 230V (+/- 10%) 50..60Hz (other voltages on request)

output: 12V (+/- 10%) (other voltages on request)

Compliant with standards:

EN61347-2-2 for safety and performance

EN55015-A1-A2 for induced radio interference

EN61000.3.2 for harmonic current emissions

Soft ignition for a longer life ( transformer and light bulbs)

Built-in protections against line overcurrents and against overvoltages

mains (spikes) up to 1000V, 10A, 20 microseconds.

Screw terminals with anti-cut wire protectors :

of the primary: for cables with section up to 2.5 mm

of the secondary: up to 105W, for cables with section up to 2.5 mm from 150W and over, for cables with section 4 and 6 mm

Containers in nylon 6/6 reinforced with glass fiber, self-extinguishing

Ambient temperature in constant operation 0… 40 ° C, with temporary peaks

Even between  -5 / -10 ° C –

For constant operation on different ambient temperatures

, requires special manufacturing ( components

provided for the specific temperatures)


Product Sheet

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