Home and personal care applications

Explore a wide variety of opportunities with the versatile Molveno components featured in this section. Find components for vacuum cleaners, ash vacuum cleaners, dustbin vacuum cleaners, irons, pressure washers, ironing presses, steam cleaners, and learn more about heating applications, including boilers, radiators, water heaters, stoves, convector heaters, and many other solutions. Finally, discover applications in the field of personal care, such as aerosols, epilators, hairdryers, hair straighteners, professional wax warmers and wax warmers. Our comprehensive selection offers all the essential components to make your appliance range complete and functional. Choose Molveno quality for a reliable and efficient experience.

House cleaning and ironing

Vacuum Cleaner

Ash vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaner bin


Steam Iron

Iron With Boiler

Pressure washer

Ironing Press

Steam Cleaner




Water heater

Electric heater

Convector heaters

Piccoli elettrodomestici per la cura personale: 



Phon - Hairdryer

Hair straightener

Wax heater

Professional Wax heater

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