Molveno Service manufactures  and distributes a wide range of Channel Power Supplies for Tunable White control and RGB LED systems suitable to satisfy any assembly and application need.

RGB (Red-Green-Blue) system

One of the most important features of High Brightness LEDs is the pureness of the emitted light – If three High Brightness LEDs in green, blue and red are switched on at the same time, these three LEDs together produce the white light – If the single currents of the three LEDs are well regulated, all wished colours can be obtained – MOS introduces a new and modular system for coloured lighting – Just through one push-button only (patented system) all system functions are carried out very easily – With a short push you switch on/off the system; keeping on pushing the button, you see all olours changing (A..B); just stopping pushing the button the colour running in that moment is fixed

Colour memory : switching on the system again, the previously selected colour is restored – With two further short pushes the light goes back to the white colour – Through a prolonged push for over 20 seconds, colours start changing automatically. This automatic colour running cycle can be stopped by a short push at any moment – Through this innovative RGB system it’s possible to install very easy lighting systems and all of the same colour – Other regulation options are available, with remote control or with specific interfaces which allow to control our drivers with the most common digital protocols (DMX or DALI) or with the internal connector by means of A TTL signal. All MOS RGB systems can also control the Ambient system, which can vary the white colour temperature from 2900K to 6700K with specific spots TRIOA.


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