Cable Ties

Molveno Fasteners manufactures and distributes a full range of high quality cable ties and strap ties in order to meet all the application needs.

Electrical Cable Ties application.

Cable ties are a quick and economical fasteners; it is possible to choose the most suitable cable tie according to the characteristics of clamping diameter and tensile strength. Basically, cable ties are intended for indoor use. You should consult our sales service in the presence of ties designed for outdoor use or submitted to special operating conditions.

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Cable ties PA 6.6 are self-extinguishing in class V2 (UL94) and have a continuous operating temperature recommended by -35°C to + 85°C; the PA 6.6 is a hygroscopic material and its mechanical characteristics (in particular the flexibility and tensile strength) and overall perfomance depend significantly on the environmental conditions.

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