G5W11 Series

Water Proof and Dust Proof
Tight Structure, Small Contact Gap Snap Action, High Sensitivity
Long Life,high Precision and Reliability
Widely used in Auto, Agricultural Equipment, Applications,Office Equipment etc
Max Approved Current at ENEC/UL is 10A


Home Appliances, Electronic Equipments, Automatic Equipments, Auto Electronics, Agricultural Equipments, Office Equipments



Rating W1 ENEC 0.1A 48VDC, 0.1A 125/250VAC,40T85,5E4,μ UL 0.1A
48VDC,0.1A 125/250VAC,T85
Rating W2 ENEC- 5A 125/250VAC,5A, 30VDC,40T85,5E4, μ UL: 5A
125/250VAC,5A 30VDC T85
Rating W3 ENEC 10(2)A 125/250VAC, 0.5A 125VDC, 0.25A
UL 10.1A 1/10HP 125/250VAC,0.5A 125VDC, 0.25A 250VDC, T85
Freq. Electrical
10-30 times/min
Freq. Mechanical
60 times/min
Contact Res. With Terminal Type 50m Ω Max
Contact Res. With Wire Type 100m Ω Max
(Depends on the length of the wire)
lnsulation Resistance at 500VDC, 100M Ω Min.
Dielectric Strength Between terminals AC 1000V 50-60Hz 1 min
Dielectric Strength Between terminals and housing AC 1500V 50-60Hz 1 min
Storage Temperature -40°C ~ +85° C
Storage Humidity 85% RH Max
Protection Grade With Terminal Type IEC IP67 (exclude terminal)
Protection Grade With Wire Type IEC IP67
Electric-shock safeguard grade Class II
PTI 250
E-life 2E4-10E4 cycles(depends on P/Ns)
M-life over 500,000 cycles or 1,000,000cycles(60cycles/min)
Unit Net Weight Approx.7g (with terminal type and without lever)