G10 Series

Small Compact Size
Variety of Terminals
Widely used in Appliance and lndustry Control
Long Life and High Reliablity
Variety of Levers Optional


Walkie Talkie, Telephone, Battery Charger, Mixer & Chopper, Mouse, Calculator, Alarm, Electric Knife, Tester Machine, Home Appliances, Video Cassette Rewinder, Electric Stapler, Electric Pan, Cordless Phone


Rating P1 0.1A 48VDC/125VAC (Gold plated Optional)
Rating 03 1A/3A 125VAC
Freq. Electrical
10-30 times/min
Freq. Mechanical
120 cycles/min.
Contact Res. (Initiative) 100mΩ Max (Depends on P/Ns)
lnsulation Res. (at 500VDC) at 500VDC, 100MΩ Min
Dielectric Strength AC 600V RMS (50~60Hz)
Storage Temperature -40°C ~ +85°C
Storage Humidity 85% RH Max
E-life 6,000 ~ 100,000 cycles (Depend on P/Ns)
M-life 1,000,000 cycles (5,000,000 cycles Optional)
Unit Net Weight About 0.5g (Straight PCB type without lever)