Dimmable LED Drivers

Led Drivers


Drivers present in this section can be dimmed in several ways.
The variety of dimmer types (TRIAC, IGBT, MOSFET) and the loads for which they are produced (resistive, inductive or capacitive)
generate several combinations.

In order to make the choice of the dimmer easier, in the technical section in the last part of this catalogue we present a list of dimmers that are compliant with our drivers. In order to avoid misfunctioning in the system it’s really necessary to respect the min. rated load of the dimmer. Our advise is to choose dimmers with IGBT or MOSFET technology, thanks to their predisposition to work well with low loads and for their “trailing edge” functioning, suitable for limiting interferences.

For drivers dimmable by push-button, regulation is the following one: short push on/off, prolonged push light regulation, double push light at max. level.

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