Rhomboid TP1

Thermal Protector

Diamond-shaped temperature switch is produced by American process and equipment. It has the characteristics of stable and durable structure and sensitive reaction.


Diamond-shaped structure, small size, easy to install,
Strong resistance to pressure, long service life,
Temperature sensitive, quick reaction,
Series, various styles, customized according to demand.

Electrical Specifications

AC250V / 3A
AC250V /10A

Technical Parameters

Contact type: normally closed/normally open
Range of action: 60℃-160℃ (one gear is separated by 5℃)
Temperature tolerance: ±5℃
Contact resistance: ≤50mΩ
Reset temperature: the operating temperature decreases by 10℃-45℃
Electrical strength: AC2000V/min without breakdown flashover
Action life: ≥10000 times

Product Sheet

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