Thermal Protector

HKW9700-D-E/TB05 series thermal protection case
is made of PBT plastic and metal case. It is a widely
used thermal protector with small volume, reliable
performance and high insulation resistance.


Medium size, high cost performance, small current
effect, not due to over current and spontaneous
heating, fully closed structure from dust and
impurities damage, moistureproof, waterproof
performance is superior, normally open, normally
closed optional, lead length can be customized.

Electrical Specifications

AC250V / 5A
AC125V / 8A
DC24V / 5A
DC12V / 8A

Technical Parameters

Contact forms: normally open/closed
Range of action: 45℃-160℃ for each 5℃ a
Temperature tolerance: + / – 5 ℃ / + / – 7 ℃
Contact resistance: 50 m or less Ω
Reset temperature: the operating temperature drops
by 15℃-45℃
Electrical strength: AC1500V/min without breakdown
Action life: ≥10000 times

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