HKW301/KSD301 Snap action (10A/16A)

Thermal Protector

TM22/KSD301 thermostat sudden jump series using the disc type bimetallic piece under the action of temperature instantaneous jump principle, through the mechanism of the top rod action, so that its contact rapid action, to achieve the purpose of disconnection and connection.


Round volume with mounting ring, easy to install, High service life, high current bearing, Terminal opening is flexible and varied, The installation method is customized by customers

Electrical Specifications

12VDC/24VDC 5A-20A
125VDC/250VDC 5A-20A

Technical Parameters

Contact type: normally open/normally closed
Range of action: -10℃-300℃ (one specification for each 5℃)
Temperature tolerance: ±5℃
Contact resistance: ≤50mΩ
Reset temperature: customized manual reset
Action life: ≥100000 times

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