Thermal Protector

17AM series protector is a kind of overtemperature and over-current double protector, its size is small, the contact capacity is large, the tripping speed is fast.


The most stable thermal protector widely used in the market,
Can be customized automatic reset and power reset,
Double temperature and current keeping function,
Switch case is overcurrent, can be directly used as a conductor, lead length model can be customized.

Electrical Specifications

AC250V / 10A
AC125V / 15A
DC24V / 10A
DC12V / 15A

Technical Parameters

Contact type: normally open/normally closed
Range of action: 50℃-180℃ (a gear separated by 5℃)
Temperature tolerance: ±5℃
Contact resistance: ≤50mΩ
Reset temperature: the operating temperature drops by 15℃-45℃
Electrical strength: AC2500V/min without breakdown flashover
Action life: ≥10000 times

Product Sheet

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