Led drivers

Led Drivers


With concern to harmonics and power factor, all lighting system must comply with standard EN61000-3-2 and that is: power factor higher than 0,90 and harmonics within values of scheme C.

For drivers with output power lower than 25W, Annex A1 and A2 of this standard require a minimum power factor of 0,60 and the measurement only of the third and fifth harmonics.

Molveno Oem Service manufactures products that meet both such requirements. For every Molveno Oem Service driver power factor (measured with max output load) is specified at every driver’s catalogue page. The customer will have then to verify that the system is done according to standard’s requirements: the use of drivers with low power factor (PF 0,6) in a high-power system (>25W) is not allowed and so the system will not be compliant with requirements needed insted for high-power system.

For professional use (hotels, shopping centre and so on)
Molveno Oem Service advices to always use drivers with high power factor, while for residential use or for systems of low power (table lamp, decorative lights and so on) drivers with lower power factors could be sufficient. Even the directive SSL1 (ANSI UL) requires a minimum power factor of 0,7 for residential use and of 0,9 for professional use. As we cannot know the final use of our products, being Molveno Oem Service producer of components, we are not responsible for eventual further problems coming from a wrong use of the components themselves.

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