HKW9700-HIJ(20A-45A) High current

Thermal Protector

HKW9700-HIJ series thermal protectors are mainly designed for high-power electrical appliances in shopping malls. The power is used in 500W-5000W environment. They are used in large electrical appliances, transformers, water pumps, heaters and other products..


Large volume, withstand large current,
No electric heating effect, more accurate control,
Fully sealed assembly, moisture-proof,
Lead according to customer requirements customized

Electrical Specifications

AC250V / 20A -45A

Technical Parameters

Contact type: normally closed
Range of action: 75℃-155℃
Temperature tolerance: ±5℃/±7℃
Contact resistance: ≤50mΩ
Reset temperature: Operating temperature
drops 15℃-45℃ Electrical strength:
AC3000V/min No breakdown
Action life: ≥6000 times


Product Sheet

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